Wednesday, August 13, 2008

List of Performers

(not yet in order of performance)

The Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the event is Jerry Bowman. The artists include Dan Landrum, Kofi Mawuko, Contrapasso, Shikoh & Phillps, John Rawlston & Kathy Veazy (from Lumbar Five), Chattanooga Ballet, Cody Keown & Melissa Maddux, Neshawn Calloway, the Choo Choo Kids, the Magic of Scott Fillers, African dancers, Jeff Germ, Skwalking Heads, Nisha Boyington, Christie Burns, Terrence Wright, Joe Helseth, and an excerpt from the Chattanooga Theatre Centre's upcoming production of "High School Musical." This edition of MuzArDanz (music+art+dance) covers jazz, blues, rock, tap, ballet, modern dance, Indian dance, Broadway, improv, sculpture, folk music, and more.

Check back here soon for more information about each artist!

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